Emma House

2022 Ruth Isbel Excellence Award

We are pleased to announce Jodie Dunn, Acting Team Leader Case Management as the recipient of the Ruth Isbel Staff Excellence Award for 2022.

Jodie was nominated by her peers for demonstrating her commitment to Emma House and their clients, particularly through the recent tough times, all with a smile on her face.

Staff have recognised Jodie‚Äôs embodiment of Ruth’s spirit in a way that is rarely seen or felt. She has stepped up in a time of acute instability and sense of unease, and worked exceptionally long and hard to stabilise the ground beneath the amazing case managers and the entire agency. She brings a warmth and a kindness that has helped to restore a sense of safety during a time when it is very much needed. As with Ruth, not only is it her kindness, strength of character and practice that is worthy of recognition, but it is her absolute commitment to the purpose of Emma House.

The Ruth Isbel Staff Excellence Award was established in 2021 following the tragic loss of Ruth Isbel, Emma House Executive Officer who was an inspirational leader and colleague. Ruth led Emma House to provide the best service possible to women and children affected by family and domestic violence in the South West of Victoria. The Staff Excellence Award has been established in her memory and in perpetuity. Ruth is greatly missed and this award ensures that her joyful passion and commitment to build a strong organisation with passionate and capable staff will endure.

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