Emma House


Emma House is committed to ending violence against women. We hold a deep understanding and knowledge that violence is experienced by women and children regardless of class, ethnicity, religion, age, abilities or sexual preference. Part of supporting the safety of women and children includes holding perpetrators accountable for their use of violence, and challenging them to take responsibility.

Emma House is the lead referral agency for Victoria Police formal referrals in the South Western region. This program aims to increase the safety of women and children by offering an opportunity for the women to engage with our service and be supported during their journey.  It also provides timely and active responses to women and children during their time of need

Information and Referral: Emma House provide women and children with information about the nature and impact of family violence and the support and resources available to them to be safe and free from violence. Whether the woman has been referred to us by another services, or have contacted us themselves, the first step is an assessment with the Intake Worker to determine current needs and level of risk.

Prioritising Safety: Emma House support the safety of women and children through risk assessment, planning for safety and implementing strategies to manage risk. Emma House works closely with the police, courts and other services to support the safety of a woman and her children.