Emma House

Case Management

The Case Management and Outreach Program offers women the opportunity to talk to someone about her situation. We will listen without judgement or discrimination. We believe everyone has the right to be safe, to be treated equally and to have access to the same opportunities as everyone else. We work with women to help improve their safety, and the feeling of control over their life.

Our support workers will use their knowledge and the resources available to them to support a woman and her children to achieve their goals. These goals may include things like:

  • Having a safety plan
  • Having support at court
  • Making your home safe (eg: changing locks)
  • Help with purchase of furniture and household items
  • Seeing a lawyer for advice
  • Advocacy by a Support Worker
  • Counselling for yourself, or for your children
  • Secure or maintain private rental accommodation or support to remain in the family home
  • Referrals to other service providers

We have outreach offices in Warrnambool, Portland, Camperdown, Terang and Hamilton.

Preventing and Responding to Homelessness: Many women and children are often forced to leave their home or experience insecure housing as a result of family violence. We can provide private rental brokerage to maintain or establish private rental; assist with housing applications in private, transitional and public housing; assist with emergency accommodation and crisis housing, and help with the costs of moving and establishing a new home.

Supporting women and children to stay safely at home: Helping women and children to stay safely in their home and local community aids in their recovery and wellbeing. It also reduces the long term psychological, economic and social harm caused by violence. Practical assistance such as emergency accommodation, changing locks, installing security doors and lights along with other safety strategies (eg: applying for an intervention order) can make a difference to both real and perceived safety. It also enables women and children to remain in their home and maintain connections with friends, family, schools and other community support.

Case Management