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Anne - Emma House Warrnambool

Anne’s Story

When Anne met her partner, she was elated. He was articulate, educated, well-mannered and well-spoken. Everyone that met him thought he was wonderful and that he and Anne were perfect for each other. She had finally found the man she wanted to settle down with. They bought a house and started a family. Six months... Read more
Emma House Warrnambool - Sally

Sally’s Story

Looking in on Sally’s life, it was one to aspire to. Sally and her husband owned a house and owned rental properties, they had 3 beautiful children and drove nice cars. The family were looked upon by friends and family as the perfect family. Sally was from a great family – she was educated, intelligent,... Read more
Bella Story - Emma House Warranambool

Bella & Amanda’s story

Bella is only six years old, but her short life has already been marked by family violence. Last year, when Bella’s mother Amanda was eight months pregnant with her baby sister, Amanda was assaulted so badly that her hip was broken. Emma House provided an immediate crisis response to Amanda as she decided to leave... Read more